Your delicacy supplier

A unique flavour experience! That is what the clients of Vanilla Venture strive for. By being able to offer their guests delicacies such as truffle, goose liver, vanilla, spices, deli meats, and oils, restaurant owners deliver unique flavour experiences to their guests.

Vanilla Venture is no ordinary wholesaler. With passion and pleasure, we actively search out new food products and trends!

We prefer personal contact so that we can react quickly to the wishes of our clients. At Vanilla Venture we believe in personal attention and fast service. To us, ensuring the high quality of our products is just as important as that our clients don’t have to look anywhere else.

We have an open door policy! Simply drop by, or alternatively, why don’t you go on one of our study tours, or participate in a workshop?

Vanilla Venture delivers directly and exclusively to the catering industry professional. But selected stores also deliver some products to private customers.