Duck Foie Gras Cru/ Deveinedkilo

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Contains : kilo

Duck Foie Gras Cru/ Deveined

Foie Gras de Canard 'MITTEAULT'. This is excellent quality duck liver with a distinct taste and pleasant texture. There’s a reason that this is the first choice of foie gras for Albert Adria and Michel Bras. Hof Van Cleve and Hertog Jan also enjoy working with these products. Hubert Mitteault has developed his own and very specific method for the cultivation of his ducks, focussing on the quality of the liver and the welfare of the animals. His production process is precise. It begins with the cultivation of his own grains and maize in order to create the perfect nutritional mix, growing the ducks from hatching up to and including the slaughter, and selecting the perfect maize for the gavage. This attention to detail is what creates this unique product. And the short and stress-free production chain guarantees the welfare of the animals.


Foie Gras de Canard 'MITTEAULT'.