Founded in 1995, today Vanilla Venture are market leaders and leading suppliers of high-quality gourmet products. Vanilla Venture provides delicacies and fresh products to the quality-conscious restauranteur. Our company is one of the most specialized suppliers in delicacies including truffle, goose liver, vanilla, spices, charcuterie products and oils. We are constantly searching for new and undiscovered delicacies; with a preference for quality products with a special story. This is how we purchase worldwide, mostly from small authentic producers. Our search throughout the world is ongoing and we have found that delicacies at this exceptionally high level never fail to create a unique, lasting impression and taste experience.


You can place your order by phone on 020 676 91 46 or online via our delivery system for delivery on the allotted day for your region (see below). To create an account with us, enter your details here and we will contact you.
Vanilla Venture delivers the following products on these days / times:
• Cheese           Monday’s by 6pm
• Liver              Monday’s by 2pm
• Chocolate      Daily by 3pm


Vanilla Venture has its own logistics so we can guarantee a great service and prompt delivery times direct to your location. How we deliver is dependent on certain factors, such as order size and we operate a minimum order size policy. Do you have questions about our delivery service? Then contact Vanilla Venture today. We’ll be happy to help you with your order.
Vanilla Venture delivery days and rounds during the week:
Tuesday       North Holland
Wednesday South Holland, North Holland
Thursday    North, East and the rest of Holland
Friday         South Holland, North Holland
Daily           Amsterdam
On request we can arrange delivery on other days, but shipping and transit costs must be covered by the customer.



At our location at Contactweg 30E in Amsterdam West, we’re proud to provide an open door policy. During the week, staff are present from 08:00 to 18:00 every day and we are always happy to see customers and interested parties. If you would like a tour of our warehouse or if you have specific questions about any of our products, drop us a line to make an appointment in advance.
Vanilla Venture’s Amsterdam West location is also home to one of the industry’s best kept secrets. The VV Experimental Kitchen, where master classes are held regularly by chefs and producers from both home and abroad. The other best kept secret? The Vanilla Venture Beach House. We hold special workshops here throughout the summer. Keep an eye on our events page to stay informed of these inspiring occasions.

Vanilla Venture strives to be the best delicatessen wholesaler in the Netherlands by making a structural contribution to the success of its customers.


Vanilla Venture focuses on the following pillars of corporate social responsibility: top quality (product), the human dimension (people), chain management (process) and CO2 reduction (planet). This is testament to the fact that offering high-quality products and adding value to society can go hand in hand. The benefits are 3-fold: the buyer is guaranteed a top quality product that has been fairly procured, the supplier receives a fair price and appreciation for the delivered product and society at large benefits with reduced CO2 emissions, the maintenance of traditional food production methods and the continued use of natural flavours and food products in general.


Vanilla Venture works with carefully selected craft producers from around the world. All of these producers make the highest quality products that aren’t always certified organic, yet we continue working with them. Why? Because of the high costs involved in obtaining certification, many artisanal producers don’t apply, yet their products are still of the highest production value. The taste and quality of many of the products we offer is only achievable through the use of ancient techniques, with a respect for nature and the omission of flavour enhancers and additives. Because Vanilla Venture maintains such close personal contact with suppliers, we know with absolute clarity where the products have been made and what happens at every stage of the production process. In the testing of our suppliers, Vanilla Venture considers the preservation of age-old and artisanal production methods more important than the acquisition of products with a commercially obtained ‘organic’ label.


Vanilla Venture works closely with the "Uit de Steigers" foundation in Maastricht. They provide internships for young autistic adults throughout Holland. This programme includes work such as the packaging of herbs and spices as well as projects that involve the making and maintenance of new furniture from old scaffolding planks, for example.


  • Vanilla Venture delivers all orders in durable, reimbursable deposit crates. These have been cut open, so that the refrigerated vehicle can be loaded easily, and the doors opened as little as possible.
  • The first time you order spices from Vanilla Venture, they will come packaged in a tin. With subsequent deliveries, you will receive them in refill pouches.
  • Vanilla Venture works hard to minimise waste. All our waste is taken separately to recognised waste collectors.
  • Vanilla Venture tries to minimise paper waste by communicating electronically as much as possible. We send all our invoices by email and encourage our customers to accept this way of invoicing.
  • Vanilla Venture is striving to meet its goal of digitising packing slips within 1 year, not only to save paper and toner but also to save time and operate more efficiently.


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