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We frequently invite guest chefs from home and abroad to host master classes and tastings in our Vanilla Venture test kitchen. We also organise regular educational and inspirational trips to meet our suppliers on location both nationally and internationally.
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For Lucas, starting at Vanilla Venture went a bit like this; During training at the IVA in Driebergen, while 'accompanying' as a driver at Vanilla Venture, he was eventually asked to join the sales department. "That mixture of having contact with chefs as well as the actual import of Vanilla's broad and special product range, really appealed to me", says Lucas van Geldern (25). "Regular contact with chefs, that's what I like about this job and that's how I started working with the Japanese line we run from the Belgian importer Swaffood. Then last year I had the chance to deepen my knowledge of these special products when we ran a Japanese ‘Vinegar Bar’. Until then I had no idea just how far you can go with these magical products! There are so many flavours to experience that go way beyond that classic sour vinegar taste. There’s umami there, and some are sweet or even salty. The Dark Sambai vinegar for example is incredibly versatile: you can use it to add a rich depth to any sauce, it can be used to mix into interesting cocktails and apparently it has also health-giving properties, balancing your ph-value if you drink a little every day! I’d better get back to work…” He finishes, laughing.
Lucas’ top 3 products: yuzu ponzu, daidai ponzu and sudachi konbu ponzu.

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